Travel to Morocco


So different but still so close

Travel to Morocco is like travelling to another world. And still so close by. Only 3 to 4 hours by direct flight from Europe and you will arrive in the magical city of Marrakesh which will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

King Mohamed VI

Morocco is a monarchy ruled since 1999 by the third king of the country Mohamed the sixth. He and his highly educated wife Lalla Salma have further strengthened the image of Morocco as a modern Islamic country and they take care that the country is governed in a stable way without political rumors.

The whole year nice to visit

Due to the huge variation in climate and landscape Morocco is nice to visit the whole year through. To make a round trip through the country or just a dream city trip to the magic city of Marrakesh or Fes.


Weekly Toubkal Trek
each Sunday 3-6 days