Hiking in Morocco

Hiking in Morocco is a breathtaking experience. Especially if you want to walk to the highest peak, Jebel Toubkal. This 4.000m mountain is like a normal mountain hike in summer. But in winter, it takes a lot more effort to reach the 4.167m top. But you will be rewarded with a ‘top of the world feeling’ – you will stand at the highest peak of North Africa! Even if you “just” want to walk in the mountains, Morocco Toubkal Adventure offers diverse opportunities to actively explore the country, the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. Make a (jeep) tour with hikes or a day trip to the Atlas Mountains with a walk along the Berber villages. Or go out there for several days and make a trek with luggage transport on mules. You sleep “almost at the homes of the locals”; beautifully situated in authentic Berber Guesthouses. Even further away from civilization, we take you on a camping trek. We bivouac ‘in the middle of nowhere” along a mountain stream or a well. In the winter months we like to make desert hiking tours with (luggage transport) camels. A walking holiday in Morocco is an opportunity that you will never experience anywhere else. The people are really welcoming you and friendly and time seems to stand a little still. So you simply relax, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.



If you want to walk in Morocco, you can choose from a trip of 5, 8, 10, 15 or 25 days or a customized program. Our Morocco hiking tours are customized to each season and have an appropriate and carefully selected program, made by hikers who have tried all routes. Morocco Toubkal Adventure provides hiking tours to show you many beautiful places. And to make you fully and actively enjoy your holiday.

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We can tell you all about hiking in Morocco, but to find out how beautiful it really is, you’ll have to see it with their own eyes. Book your trip, customized to your preferences or contact us for more information about hiking in Morocco.