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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism: Respect for nature and culture

Sustainability with a focus on nature and culture is our goal. We work directly with the local people without any intermediaries. During our walks we buy local when possible and of course we do not leave any garbage behind. We pay our employees immediately after work (‘sur place’) and we provide them a decent salary. We take you to the unspoiled nature and let you meet the culture and hospitality of the local Berber people.

At Morocco Toubkal Adventure we realize that the beauty of nature is part of your memorable journey. And as it is almost inevitable to travel to Morocco by plane we ask all Toubkal Adventure travelers to spent a small amount of € 7.50 p/p to compensate for the CO2 transmission of your flight. We deposit this amount in our own Green High Atlas Fund. We organize a yearly campaign in the Toubkal National Park to plant trees and shrubs. Also to prevent further erosion. Would you personally like to join us when we go planting trees and shrubs in January? Please let us know!