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Weekly Toubkal Trek

  • Duration each Sunday 3-6 days
  • Price from
    € 395 p.p.

Our most popular trek to Mount Toubkal. At Morocco Toubkal Adventure we are proud on this special Toubkal trekking along colorful Berber valleys. The nicest way to discover the High Atlas and Morocco from the inside. Sleep in remote villages. Meet (& support) the locals. Make eco-toursim reality: stay in simple Berberguesthouses. A local Berber guide is walking with you. Luggage transport (mules) and all meals are provided. Nice picnics in the middle of nature. The program takes care for good acclimatization to altitude. Transfer from (and back to) Marrakesh is included. This adventurous Toubkal trek starts every Sunday. For less hiking days – see Special Notes. Get a kick out of walking to the Toubkal summit: the highest mountain top in Morocco.

  • Weekly: Sunday to Friday
  • Get a kick out of climbing the highest summit in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
  • Mount Toubkal – 4.167m./13.671 ft. or as the Arabic say Jebel Toubkal. For the local Berber people living for ages in these mountains the name is Adrar-n-Oudarn: mountain of the mountains.
  • It is the highest peak of North Africa and deserves respect in every way. The walk to the summit is rewarding and a little challenging.
Good to know

  • In summer it is a so called “walking mountain”. No technical skills or equipement are needed.
  • If you like walking you can make it. Just do it slowly, step by step.
  • Do you like walking sticks: bring them! It is a long descent from the top.
  • Your luggage is transported on mules.
  • A local Berber guide is walking with you.
  • A cook is walking with you too: preparing all the meals. Including nice picnics in the middle of nature.
hiking on the toubkal summit

Day 1Day 1 - Weekly Toubkal Trek

The first day you walk through 3 nice Berber valleys. First your driver will pick you up in the Marrakesh medina. And take you to the mountains in ca. 1h15. At the altitude of 2.600m. you start the trekking in the tiny sky resort and azib (summer “village”) of Oukaïmeden. Here the mule men and their mules are waiting for you. And there you go. Walking into the remote valley of Ousertek. Passing by small and isolated Berber villages. The first day your path is mainly going down. Taking you to the valley of Imenane. There you end up in the cozy village of Imsker. Just one more pass with a beautiful view is waiting for you. And then there is Imi Oughlad in the valley of Mizane .

Walking 5 – 6 hrs. Overnight stay: (very simple) Berber guesthouse. Imi Oughlad Alt. 1400m. / 4593 ft.

Day 2Day 2 - Weekly Toubkal Trek

Trekking Imi Oughlad (1400m.) – Tizi Oussem (1850m.) First there is the pass of Tizi-n-Tacht (2.000m). Providing a splendid view over the valley of Mizane and the valley of Ouïssaden (pronounced as Azaden). After the pass there is a small descent followed by a long but easy walk up to the remote village of Tizi Oussem (1850m.).

Walking ca. 5,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse. Tizi Oussem Alt. 1850m. / 6070 ft.

Day 3*Day 3* - Weekly Toubkal Trek

Trekking Tizi Oussem (1850m) – Imlil/Mezzik (1850m.) Over the pass Tizi Mezzik (2490m.). Optional in the morning you can walk to the cascades of Irhoulidine (2600m.). If you arrive early then in the afternoon there is the possibility to explore the small villages around (Targa Imoula, Tagadirt, Achein, Imlil). Or you can have a good relax or try the local ‘hammam’ (Moroccan bathing house).

* For real good hikers only – there is alternative route. More information upon request.

Walking ca. 4,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse Imlil / Mezzik Alt. 1850 m. / 5840 ft.

Day 4Day 4 - Weekly Toubkal Trek

Trekking Imlil/Mezzik (1850m) – refuge du Toubkal (3200m.) Today it’s only going up. The path is clear and easy to walk. On the road we pass by the sacred pilgrimage spot of Sidi Chamharouch. Non-moslims are not allowed to enter the mausoleum. After a refreshing lunch there is still a long walk to go to the mountain hut at Toubkal base camp. But finally you will see the mountain hut from far.

Walking about 5 hours. Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft.

Day 5Day 5 - Weekly Toubkal Trek

Toubkal base camp / Refuge du Toubkal (3200m.) to the summit (4.167m. / 13.671 ft).
Today is the day. You will start very early in the morning (< 06h00). This makes the chance for great views the best. In the beginning the path is steep. Later on it is getting easier but then you will feel the altitude. Breath taking. Sometimes causing some headache or nausea. You can take some ‘paracetamol’ with you. At the level of Tizi Toubkal (almost 4.000m.) you might have a small setback. Please note that altitude can make you less interested too. So, just take a 5 minutes break – with 2 paracetamol if you like – and give it a restart! And the most important advise: just walk slowly. This is by far the best way to acclimatize. Walk just a little bit slower than you normally like. In this way you can walk ‘for hours’. And walking up to the summit will take you – at least – 4 hours. Going down will be a lot quicker – ca. 2,5 hrs depending on your skills and experience in going down a mountain. Please do it careful.
NOTE: in WINTER when there is snow on the mountain, you might need crampons to cross the icy parts to prevent you slipping down. Crampons can be hired in Imlil. The crampons can be adapted to the size of your shoes and are attached wth straps. So you do not need the most heavy mountains shoes. (Category B/C is fine).

Walking ca. 6,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft.

For walkers with an ‘easy way of going down’ there is the possibility for going down to Imlil/Aremd (1900m) on the same day. Total walking ca. 8 to 10 hours!

Day 6Day 6 - Weekly Toubkal Trek

Descent to Imlil (1740m.) – transfer back to Marrakech. If you like you can make an extra climb in the morning to the high pass Tizi Ouanoums (3.685m.). For a nice view on the remote mountain lake “Lac d’Ifni”, far below. Extra: about 2,5 hrs up and 1 hour down. If you do not need this extra exercise it will be just relaxing in going down. The path is easy and your memories towards your success of summitting the highest mountain of North Africa will be sweet. In Imlil your transport is waiting to bring you back to Marrakech (alt. 450m. / 1467 ft). Walking ca. 5 hours. Transfer 1h.15min.

End of the trip!

If you like you can stay more days in the mountains. And if you like we can arrange a nice Riad hotel in the Marrakech medina.

  • all-in package including airport transfers (2x) and (2x) a night in a nice Riad hotel in the old city center (medina). Package formula € 485,= p/p
    (8 days – airport to airport, in Marrakesh sharing a room for 2).
  • If you have less walking days to spent you can also join for
    – 5 days – staring on Monday € 355 p/p
    – 4 days – starting on Tuesday € 325 p/p
    – 3 days – starting on Wednesday € 275 p/p
  • if you prefer a private trip – this is possible as well
  • in wintertime extra costs  50 p/p
  • Departure from Marrakesh on Sonday morning 08h30
    you are back in Marrakesh Friday afternoon.
  • You get our ‘packing list’ for the things you need to take to the mountains
  • We will share our tips for Marrakesh
  • After climbing Toubkal the descent down to Imlil can be made on day 6 as well;
    at your choice.
  • We can book extra nights for you in Marrakesh:
    double room € 75,- per night, single room € 55,-
  • If you want to stay more nights in the mountains, please let us know;
    € 50,- pp. / day including overnight stay in a Berber guesthouse & all meals.

  • Duration each Sunday 3-6 days
  • Price from
    € 395 p.p.

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