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10 day private Toubkal trip

  • Duration 10 days
  • Price from
    € 545 p.p.

Morocco Mount Toubkal trek including mountain transfers, a local guide walking with you, overnight stays in mountain hut & Berberguesthouses, all meals during the trek. Our classical Morocco Toubkal Adventure trek with an extra day in the mountains and an extra day for visting all the magics of Marrakech. .

  • Get a kick out of climbing the highest summit in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
  • Mount Toubkal – 4.167m./13.671 ft. or as the Arabic say Jebel Toubkal. For the Berber people living for ages in the lower valleys it is Adrar-n-Oudarn: mountains of the mountains.
  • It is the highest peak of North Africa and deserves respect in every way. The walk to the summit is rewarding and a little challenging.
  • After this challenge there is a full day of relax and learn more from Berber culture in a small guesthouse “chez les habitants”
  • This 10 day trip includes 3 nights in Marrakech in a nice Riad hotel close to famous square Jemaa el Fna and airport transfers.
 toubkal sign
Good to know

  • You can amke it to the summit if you like walking. Just do it slowly, step by step.
  • Luggage is transported on mules. A local guide is walking with you. A cook is preparing nice picnics on the road.

Day 1Day 1 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Arrival at Marrakech Airport.

Transfer to the old city to your nice Riad hotel close to famous square Jemaa el Fna. Visit Marrakech as you like.

Day 2Day 2 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Transfer to the mountains (ca. 1h30) to start your trekking.

Your driver will pick you up at your hotel and / or gathering at Place Mellah in the Medina near Place des Ferblantiers. In the tiny ski resort of Oukaïmeden (2600m.) the mules and mulemen are waiting for you and your luggage. The first day the path is mainly going down through the beautiful valley of Oussertek, passing by small and isolated Berber villages. You end up in the cosy village of Imsker. On the Toubkal – Orientazion map written as Imska.

Walking 4 – 5 hrs.
Overnight stay: (very simple) Berber guesthouse. Imsker / Imska Alt. 1600m. / 5249 ft.

Day 3Day 3 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Trekking Imsker (1600m.) – Tizi Oussem (1850m.)

First there is the small pass Tizi El Bour with a nice view over the valley of Mizane. After crossing the Mizane mountain river it’s going up and up towards the pass Tizi-n-Tacht (2.000m). Here you have a splendid view on the valley of Ouïssaden – pronounced as Azaden. Then there is a small descent, followed by a long but easy walk up to the remote village of Tizi Oussem (1850m.).

Walking ca. 5,5 hrs.
Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse. Tizi Oussem Alt. 1850m. / 6070 ft.

Day 4Day 4 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Trekking Tizi Oussem (1850m) – Douar Mezzik (1780m.) Over the pass Tizi Mezzik (2390m.).

Optional in the morning walk to cascades of Irhoulidine. In the afternoon there is the possibility to explore the small villages around (Targa Imoula, Tagadirt, Acheim, Imlil) or have a good relax in the local ‘hammam’ (Moroccan bathing house).

Walking ca. 4,5 hrs.
Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse (with a view). Imlil / Douar Mezzik Alt. 1850 m. / 5840 ft.

Day 5Day 5 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Trekking Douar Mezzik (1750m) – refuge du Toubkal (3200m.)

Today it’s only going up. The path is clear and easy walking. You pass by the pilgrimage spot of Sidi Chamarouch. And then finally you will see the mountain hut.

Walking about 5 hours.
Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft.

Day 6Day 6 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Refuge du Toubkal (3200m.) to the summit (4.167m. / 13.671 ft)

Today is the day. You will start very early in the morning (< 06h00) as this makes the chance for great views the best. In the beginning the path is steep. Later on it’s getting easier but then you will feel the altitude. Breath taking. Sometimes causing some headache or nausea. You can take some ‘paracetamol’ with you. And the most important advise: just walk slowly. It is the best way to acclimatize. Walking up to the summit takes about 4 hours. Going down to the hut ca. 2,5 hrs.

Walking ca. 6,5 hrs.
Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft.
For walkers with an ‘easy way of going down hill’ there is the possibility going down to Douar Mezzik (1850m). Total walking ca. 8 to 10 hours!

Day 7Day 7 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

A relaxing decent

A relaxing day of walking after you summitted Toubkal yesterday. Descent to the Berber village of Mezzik, just close to Imlil. You can enjoy the nice path which is easy and going mainly down. Half way the delicous picnic lunch is waiting for you. And your fresh brewed mint tea. Take your time.
In the afternoon you arrive in the tiny village of Mezzik where we will spent the last night ‘chez les habitants’.

Walking ca. 5,5 hrs.
Overnight stay: Mezzik ‘chez les habitants’

Day 8Day 8 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Tranfer to Marrakech

In the morning we enjoy the village life and our last mountain breakfast. Then we go back to the buzzling city of Marrakech. Here we stay in a nice small Riad hotel in the Marrakech Medina. In the evening we will enjoy the gathering on Jeema el Fna with all the artists and food stalls in the evening. Marrakech Alt. 450m. / 1467 ft.

Day 9Day 9 - 10 day private Toubkal trip


Today you have time to visit the magical and imperial city of Marrakech. You will get our tips for an nice stroll along the major ‘must have seens’.

Day 10Day 10 - 10 day private Toubkal trip

Transfer to the Airport

Depending on the time of your flight you still have time to visit the magical and imperial city of Marrakech before we bring you back to the airport in about 20 minutes. We take care that you arrive at the airport for your check-in just 2 hours before your flight departure.

  • If you like additional 2 nights hotel in Marrakech and your airport transfers we have a package formula € 465,= p/p. This includes 1 night before and one night after your trek in a nice small Riad hotel – near Jemaa el Fna (bases on sharing a room for 2.);
  • Departure from Marrakech on Monday morning 08h30. You are back in Marrakech Saturday afternoon;
  • You get our ‘packing list’ for the things you need in the mountains;
  • You get our tips for visiting al the magic’s of Marrakech including a nice map with a prepared scroll in the souks;
  • After climbing Toubkal the descent down to Imlil can be made on day 6 as well; at your choice;
  • We can book extra nights for you in Marrakech: double room € 65,- per night, single room € 45,-;
  • If you want to stay more nights in the mountains, please let us know; € 50,- pp. / day including overnight stay in Berber guesthouse & all meals.

  • Duration 10 days
  • Price from
    € 545 p.p.

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