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Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

  • Duration 8 days
  • Price from
    € 950 p.p.

8 days guided Morocco rock climbing trip. Impressive rocky mountains and an introduction to Berber hospitality making it special. With official climbing instructors from Crux Outdoor.

  • You have a solid foundation as an independent rock climber. You dream of rock climbing adventures on an exotic destination.
  • Then this is for you! Under the guidance of experienced instructors you take the first steps in the new and fascinating field of rock climbing.
  • Meanwhile, there is time and opportunity to explore the country, the landscape and the people.
  • The eroded gorges and steep walls at the hot and dry south side of the High Atlas are ideal for climbers and walkers!
  • We take you to two special and beautiful locations: Gorge du Todra and the Gorges d’Imiter, near the Berber village Amellago.
climbing and amellago
Good to know

  • For experienced and independent rock climbers;
  • Hooked routes 4+ t/m 8b+;
  • In the Todra you will find many beautiful routes 5 and 6; also several rope-lengths;
  • In Amellago most routes are 6 and 7, a number of 5+;
  • Also your partner who does not climb is welcome… and gets a nice discount! It’s also a nice area for some hiking;
  • Supervised by experienced instructors;
  • Discount for non-climbers: € 150,- per person;
old berber man

Day 1Day 1 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Arrival at Marrakech Airport

Upon arrival at Marrakech Airport you will arrive at the medina, the old walled city in about 20 minutes. Sometimes you have to wait some time at the passport control. You Riad hotel is near the main square and still very quiet. In the evening we take a look there to enjoy this special show.

Day 2Day 2 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Transfer over the High Atlas to the Gorge du Todra

At morning, before sunrise, you hear the first muezzin calling for the prayer. We have breakfast early. Today we are going to the mountains! Over the plain of El Haouz we drive to the High Atlas. A winding mountain road takes us over the pass with the beautiful Berber name Tizi n’Tichka (2.260m.). Beyond the garrison city of Ouarzazate, we follow the route of the thousand Kasbahs; the fortresses which are plentiful here. Often surrounded by gardens with date palms with in their shadows small fields with irrigation channels for small-scale cultivation of some barley, vegetables, mint, henna and alfalfa. Just past the town of Tinerhir, the vertical walls of up to 300 meters high form the spectacular Gorge du Todra.

Day 3Day 3 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Climbing Gorge du Todra

The walls in and around the Gorge du Todra are like El Dorado for rock climbers! Even in winter you can practise your techniques in your T-shirt with routes from 4+ to 8b+ Together with our climbing instructor(s) we are looking for new challenges and routes which suit to us.

Day 4Day 4 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Climbing Gorge du Todra

There is so much to choose here; not only in difficulty and rope lengths; Also, the fact whether the routes can be climbed in the shade or in the sun. Choises which are decisive for the time of the day. And meanwhile we are almost treated like ‘sultans’ by our local crew who take care of our mint tea and delicious picnics.

Day 5Day 5 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Climbing Gorge du Todra

Today is already the last day we explore this unique area for climbing. So make your choice and go for the multi-pitch route that you always wanted to do once in your life!

Day 6Day 6 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Transfer from Gorge du Todra to Gorges d’Imiter (1,5 hours)

Today we go further into the mountains. Through villages with names like Tamtatouchte, Ait Hani and Assoul, we drive through the mountains of Aït Mobrhad.
Along the way we might even see nomads with their dark tents of camel hair. Or we pass a local souk (weekly market).
In the rocks of the hamlet Imiter the scenery is impressive. A little further we arrive at the Berber village Amellago at the attractive and sympathetic gite “Bonjour le calme. This is our stay for the next two nights.

Day 7Day 7 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Climbing Gorges d’Imiter

The rocks around Imiter have been opened and several routes are equipped with hooks. The topography is still somewhat limited. Almost new and yet virtually undiscovered as climbing area.
In the February / March 2010 publication of the French magazine ‘Grimper, le magazine d’escalade’ you can read an extensive article on this climbing area.

Day 8Day 8 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Amellago: climbing Gorges d’Imiter

Even though not all routes here are described as detailed; there is plenty of choice. Together we make a plan to ensure that we can continue to help the local Berber Guesthouse administrator to update its ‘topo’. Really more people should know how great it is. Even if you just come watch to the climbers.

From our hospitable Berber Guesthouse we will go on adventure for one more day. The environment and particularity the routes are so overwhelming here that we hardly know what to choose.

Day 9Day 9 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Back to Marrakech – via Aït Benhaddou

All good things come to an end. We say goodbye to the beautiful Amellago and travel back to Marrakech. Of course we also want to take a look at the historic place of the ancient caravan routes from Fez to Timbuktu. At night, in Marrakech we first go to the hammam for a traditional scrub massage before we enjoy ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the main square Jemaa el Fna.

Day 10Day 10 - Rock climbing Todra & Amellago

Transfer to the Airport

Today we say goodbye to the extraordinary and magical royal city of Marrakech. You surely come back here. A short transfer brings us back to the airport. Because we have to take our climb luggage with us, we fly with Royal Air Maroc and make a stop at the Casablanca airport. We end up gradually in our modern and hurried life!


  • Guidance by experienced climbing instructor(s) of Crux Outdoor;
  • Completely arranged rock climbing trip with transportation, accommodation, meals and local transfers;
  • In Marrakech 2 nights in a nice hotel in the central medina including breakfast;
  • Discount for non-climbers € 150;

Not included:

  • tips, drinks and souvenirs

  • Duration 8 days
  • Price from
    € 950 p.p.

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