• workshop cooking with fatima

Workshop Cooking with Fatima

First you go shopping with Fatima or Sadia on the vegetable and herb market in the “souks”. Then we start cooking in the kitchen all together. This cooking class in Marrakech is with a tradtional Moroccan lunch and starts at 10h30.

Cooking in Marrakech and discover the secrets of the Moroccan ‘cuisine’

Includes a delicious lunch. Start workshop 10h30; untill about 14h30).
For private groups dinner also possible upon request (with start of the cooking workshop at 15h00).

You first go shopping on the market in the souks with Fatima or Saida. To choose fresh vegetables and Moroccan fresh and dried herbs. And when you like the chicken; how fresh can that bet?
After a nice welcoming mint tea we will start cooking in the kitchen all together. If you like to make a special dish please tell the cook. Otherwise they will propsose you one of their favorites like a special tajine. And the different Moroccan salads with fresh tomato, grilled peppers, eggplant and carrot with coriander. At the end you can really enjoy the delicious taste of your own Moroccan cuisine.